Wildland Kombucha is a craft kombucha company based in Portland, Oregon. Our love for brewing kombucha started out as a hobby and then turned into a way to keep a local hotshot crew healthy and happy during fire season. Today we aim to help the fire community by donating 100% of our profits to the Wildland Firefighter Foundation. 


We are not your average kombucha brewer, in addition to being what we like to call a "kombucha for a cause" company, we also strive to put the best kombucha on the market by using organic ingredients and local farmers for our herbs, berries and fruits whenever possible.  We are continually improving our sustainability practices and working to reduce our carbon footprint by promoting the reuse of our bottles, composting our spent ingredients, buying local, reducing our use of single use plastics (even are sample cups are made from corn!) and just trying to be a good steward of our planet.  


Cheers to helping forests and firefighters, one delicious bottle of 'booch at a time!